Baltic Amber Infused Teething Collection

The Smooch Baltic Amber Infused Teething Collection is the first line of baby teething remedies ever to provide teething babies with both the healing properties of Baltic Amber and the buttery softness of Medical-Grade Silicone. Our Baltic Amber comes directly from original source of Baltic Amber - The country of Lithuania, in the Baltic Sea.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why did Smooch choose to create a line of Baltic Amber Infused Teethers?

Our co-founder Lindsay's son used a Baltic Amber teething necklace while he was teething. Lindsay found that while her son was wearing his Amber Necklace, his gums were visibly less inflamed, he was less cranky, drooled less and didn't chew on his fingers as much. However, during his heaviest teething period, Lindsay's son bit through one of the amber beads. Thankfully he is okay but this could have caused a choking hazard because pure Baltic Amber beads are not meant to be chewed on. In response, Lindsay created a line of Baltic Amber Infused Silicone teething remedies that contain all of the healing benefits of Baltic Amber and the chewable, softness that Medical Grade Silicone provides.

What are the healing benefits of Baltic Amber?

Baltic Amber is used as a natural, alternative pain remedy all around the world. Baltic Amber contains a natural compound called succinic acid that is known to relieve gum inflammation, reduce drooling and provide teething pain relief.

How are Smooch teething products infused with Baltic Amber?

Raw Baltic amber is extracted through a steam distillation process and then incorporated into our high quality, buttery soft Medical Grade Silicone.

Does Infusing a Smooch teething product with Baltic Amber effect the texture or smell?

No. Baltic Amber infused Silicone teething products are completely odorless and are as buttery softness as any other Silicone Teether.

Medical Grade Silicone Medical Grade Silicone
Non-Toxic Non-Toxic

Safety Tested Safety Tested
No Harmful Chemicals No Harmful Chemicals
Choose The Right Teething Remedy For Your Baby

Both our SoothiPop Teething Pacifiers and Teething Toys make a great addition to every parent’s teething ‘toolkit’. Made from non-toxic 100% Medical Grade Silicone, all Smooch Teething Solutions are flexible, safe and easy-to-use. Our SoothiPop Teething Pacifiers are especially designed for younger teething babies who benefit from using small teethers that can be maneuvered effortless in little hands and mouths in order to reach and soothe sore, irritated gums.

Each surface of the SoothiPop Teething Pacifier is textured so that no matter what angle your baby holds or chews, they will receive the full soothing benefits. Our chewable braided and beaded handles are the perfect size and shape for little hands to hold. Our buttery soft, textured shield designs are flexible and will not irritate your baby's sensitive skin if your baby uses our SoothiPop Teething Pacifier hands-free and keeps it in their mouth like a pacifier. Like all Smooch teething remedies, our one-piece SoothiPop Teething Pacifier design doesn't have any cracks, crevices or holes where bacteria can form and doesn't contain any small parts that can break apart to cause a choking hazard.

Smooch SoothiPop Teething Pacifiers and Teething Toys both deliver the oral sensory input babies need by providing comforting sensations to sore, irritated gums, by helping to develop fine motor kills and by helping with the transition to food and baby led weaning through the introduction of different textured surfaces and oral sensations.

Why We Love Silicone

Silicone is a recyclable material made from silica (sand). Our Medical Grade Silicone is non-toxic, odorless and free from BPA, PVC, Latex, Pthalates and Lead. Unlike plastic, It can be heated or cooled without releasing harmful chemicals.

Safety Tested

All Smooch teethers are compliant with US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Small Parts and Abuse Tests. All products are tested in an FDA approved lab being put into production. Inspect teething toys and teething accessories before use.

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