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Silicone Teethers and Sensory Chew Toys Made For Everyone To Enjoy 

Inclusivity and positivity go hand in hand. Our mindset is that the forward trajectory of a child hitting his or her milestones is still forwards whether it happens at a slower pace, in small steps or happens unconventionally. Fostering a child’s development means finding the right tools to support it. Our silicone products are not only designed to be used as teething aids, they are also designed to be used as tools that parents can use to encourage sensory and motor development. 

Sensory Exploration and Relief Through Chewing

Biting or Chewing on non-food items is something commonly associated with the infant developmental stage called mouthing that every baby goes through and eventually outgrows. The use of silicone oral sensory toys gives babies a safe place to explore mouthing, helps teach teething infants and toddlers to self soothe, relieves sore, irritated gums from teething and encourages developmental growth. However, when chewing compulsion extends beyond the infant and toddler years, some children may require more oral sensory input than others. Our silicone chews may be repurposed as oral input tools for older children and those with special needs who may benefit from having a safe chewing outlet. 

For Teething Babies

During the ‘mouthing’ stage of oral development, babies and toddlers use their hands and mouths to explore their surroundings and seek relief from teething pain as their first teeth start to poke through their gums. Not all chewable teething toys are made equally. Parents will want to ensure that their teething ‘toolkit’ is filled with non-toxic, silicone teething remedies that offer built in safety measures and provide little ones with lots of dense, textured surfaces to sink their gums into and explore. 

Our 100% Medical Grade Silicone teething solutions are flexible and easy-to-use. They deliver the oral sensory input babies need by providing comforting sensations to sore, irritated gums, by helping to develop fine motor kills and by helping with the transition to food and baby led weaning through the introduction of different textured surfaces and oral sensations.  

Beyond Teething

Smooch silicone chewable toys are a good fit for children Who experience a fixation for chewing on non-food items that extends past toddlerhood, the refusal or inability to hold objects and/or an aversion to specific textures.

How We Can Help

Some children experience sensitivity to sensory stimuli including touch, textures, certain everyday items or food. Incorporating a safe sensory toy into their everyday routine provides them with opportunities to explore the world around them. 

For children who exhibit a chewing fixation past toddler hood, it is important to introduce a safe silicone chewing toy at the earliest opportunity. This will dissuade a child from choosing to chew on unsafe or toxic objects. Every-time a child is tempted to bite on something unsafe and inappropriate, remind them to chew on one of our non-toxic 100% medical grade silicone chewable toys instead. Our chewable silicone toys are lightweight and compact so they can easily accompany a child on-the-go. This is especially helpful when they go someplace that may be triggering such as meeting new people or experiencing a new activity. 

Silicone sensory toys are a great medium to help children learn and develop fine and gross motor-skills. The exercise of picking up a safe, non-toxic Silicone object develops the crucial ability to help the thumb and forefinger work together to grasp the object. As a child brings the object towards the mouth, they are developing hand-eye coordination by seeing the object and receiving information from the eyes and brain on how to move the hands to the body and other parts to place that object systematically.

Soft, textured silicone help may reduce oral offensiveness for children who don’t like the feeling of textures, food or other objects in their mouths. Use the textured silicone nubs on our Smooch Pacifier Shaped Teethers, Rocking Teethers or Penguin Teething Mittens to massage a child’s gums in order to stimulate the gums and cheeks and help de-sensitize a child’s gag reflex. Place any Smooch Silicone Teething Toy in the freezer before use to introduce your child to colder temperatures.

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Smooch is made up of a team of people who are devoted parents and caretakers of infants, toddlers and older children. We are constantly researching different hurdles that babies and children face during the teething stage and beyond and are committed to finding solutions that will help little ones succeed in blossoming into their happiest selves.