Smooch Unicorn Pacifier Clip With Teether Toy


Introducing Pacifier Clip and Teether Toy Gift Sets

Made from: 100% Food Grade Silicone

Care Instructions:  Clean using warm water and mild dish soap. Do not place in a sterilizer because it may affect the product integrity. We recommend inspecting your product and washing it before giving it to your baby.

Proven Benefits For Your Baby:

  • Clip It, Don’t Lose It: Keep your baby’s pacifier & teether off the floor by using the pacifier clip to securely attach to your baby’s clothes, stroller & more. Baby will have the comfort and security of their binky close by & mom won’t have to waste time looking for lost pacifiers or teethers.
  • Chewable Teething Relief: Your baby will find the ultimate teething relief when chewing on 100% natural food-grade silicone beads and teether toys. As your baby chews, buttery soft silicone textures and edges massage sore gums.
  • Freeze To Reduce Swelling Naturally: Place the teether toy or paci clip into your freezer until frozen before giving it to your baby. Chewing on a frozen teething toy will provide fast relief by numbing irritated gums and reducing swelling the natural way!
  • Safety First: Our binky holders have plastic teeth that attach securely to your baby without damaging clothing. Soft, silicone beads are held together by a durable nylon string, which has a strong double knot at the end that won’t loosen or break apart to cause a choking hazard.
  • CPSIA and ASTM Certified: Your baby’s health and safety are our top priority. That is why all Smooch products are free from BPA, cadmium, phthalates and lead and go through rigorous testing to meet the strictest US safety standards.
      • Hand wash only
      • Clean with soapy water or wipe with a wet washcloth.
      • Air-dry before storing
      • Items will be shipped the same day
      • You will received the product in 3-5 business days