Are Weighted Swaddles Safe For Infants?

Are Weighted Swaddles Safe For Infants?

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Learn About All Of The Reasons Why Weighted Swaddles Are Safe.

Safety is paramount when selecting sleepwear for our babies, and as parents want to know that the safety of the product we choose is proven. While swaddles have been designed with babies safety in mind, some may be concerned whether or not there are potential risks involved, especially with weighted swaddles. So, are weighted swaddles safe for babies? In short, yes. The key takeaway is to ensure the swaddle fits your baby correctly, is being worn correctly and is sourced from a reputable, baby-focused brand. Let's dive deeper into the safety aspects of weighted swaddles.

Are weighted swaddles safe for babies?

Weighted swaddles revolutionize the bedtime routine by facilitating quicker and longer-lasting sleep for babies. These swaddles offer a comforting cocoon akin to a mother's womb, enveloping babies in a gentle embrace for a secure slumber. Designed to ensure babies enjoy a safe and restful night's sleep, it is natural for parents to have concerns about their safety. There's no evidence that points to weighted swaddles being unsafe. While some fear that the added weight might hinder breathing, potentially raising the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), properly fitting swaddles do not pose obstruct breathing, even considering babies' softer chest walls and faster breathing patterns.

What does a weighted swaddle do?

Weighted swaddles contain a filling of non-toxic poly beads, creating an evenly distributed, gentle weight throughout the organic cotton material. This weight conforms to your baby’s body, creating a snug secure cocoon that feels similar to a cozy snuggle. The extra gentle pressure adds comfort and security. Designed to soothe babies, weighted swaddles encourage better sleep.

How can I determine what size and weight swaddle will provide my baby with the safest sleep experience?

The Smooch Gently Weighted Swaddle comes in one size suitable for babies aged 0-6 months. Both regular swaddles and weighted swaddles are recommended only for babies who have not shown signs of attempting to roll over. Once your baby starts rolling over, it's no longer safe to swaddle them. Most babies reach this milestone by 6 months of age. However, for infants aged 0-6 months, swaddles are only safe to use if they fit properly. Please refer to our product listings for sizing details. Please only purchase a gently weighted swaddle only if your baby meets the height and weight requirements specified for our swaddle.

What is the difference between a regular swaddle and a weighted swaddle?

Both weighted and traditional swaddles conform to your baby's body. The difference is that the weighted swaddle contains a non-toxic filling that adds gentle weight to the material. This gentle, additional weight calms babies and gives them the security they need to fall asleep quickly and sleep for longer stretches.


When should I use a gently weighted sleep swaddle for my baby?

Parents should swaddle their baby until the baby shows signs of attempting to roll over independently. Once your baby achieves this milestone, discontinue the use of the swaddle. It's important to note that babies are at an increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) until they reach the age of one years old. Therefore, it's not recommended for parents to place blankets on or near their baby while they sleep.

Swaddles serve as an excellent alternative as they offer the comfort babies need while staying securely in place, unlike blankets, thus avoiding any disruption to a baby’s breathing patterns. As your baby grows older, they will become more mobile and will eventually outgrow the swaddle. At this stage, you can consider transitioning to one of our transition sacks or weighted sleep sacks.

Can a baby wear a weighted swaddle overnight?

Yes. Your baby can wear a gently weighted swaddle overnight, provided it fits properly. Please ensure that the weighted swaddle weighs less than 10% of your baby’s body weight.

What are the benefits of weighted sleep swaddles?

Weighted swaddles offer various benefits beyond aiding sleep. Here are some advantages of using a weighted sleep swaddle:

  1. Safety: Well-fitted weighted sleep swaddles help keep your baby securely positioned during sleep, ensuring clear airways to prevent suffocation.
  2. Comfort and Calm: A snugly fitted swaddle with gentle added weight provides comfort and replicates the cozy feeling of being in the womb, helping to soothe and calm your baby.
  3. Reduced Moro Reflex: Weighted sleep sacks help lessen the  moro startle reflex, where babies react to sudden noises or movements by flailing their limbs and crying. The gentle pressure from a weighted swaddle helps reduce this reaction.
  4. Assistance with Sensory Challenges: Babies experiencing sensory challenges may find it hard to calm down due to difficulty processing sensory information. A weighted sleep sack offers a soothing sensation that can reduce hyperactivity and promote relaxation.
  5. Substitute for Parental Touch: While some babies find comfort from a parent's touch on their chest, it’s not possible to maintain this contact throughout the day. A weighted sleep sack can serve as a comforting substitute, providing the security that babies seek.
  6. Sleep Training Support: Weighted sleep sacks help babies settle back to sleep when they wake during the night, encouraging longer sleep periods and aiding in establishing a regular sleep routine. This also means less disruption for parents, who won't need to tend to their baby as frequently overnight.

Where can I get the best weighted swaddle?

Wondering where to find the best weighted swaddle? Crafted by a mother of two, Smooch wearable sleep products prioritize baby safety above all else. Each Smooch swaddle distributes weight evenly from top to bottom, naturally alleviating stress and providing a sense of security and comfort. It's like a comforting hug for your baby, without the need to hold them while they sleep.

Smooch Gently Weighted Swaddles have been proven to help your baby fall asleep quickly and sleep for longer stretches - a dream come true for every new parent. Made with the finest organic cotton, Smooch offers the best quality, machine washable, weighted sleepwear at the most affordable price.

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