Gently Weighted sleep sacks and swaddles

Sleep Sacks

Size Small:
 0-6 Months | 8+ lbs | 19-26" Height

Size Medium: 6-12 Months | 15+lbs | 26-30" Height

Swaddles are one size:

Size Small:
 0-6 Months | 8+ lbs | 19-26" Height

Every baby is unique. Many babies fall asleep quicker and sleep for longer periods of time right away. Other babies take longer to get used to the gentle weight. Patience and Consistency is very important when introducing something new to your baby's routine.

Yes! Smooch Gently Weighted Sleepwear is designed to be used for every sleep session, whether your baby is napping or going to sleep for the night. As your baby gets used the gentle weight, they will form a positive sleep association with their weighted sack or swaddle and the weighted sleepwear will become a sleep cue, telling them that it's time to go to sleep, thus helping them fall asleep quickly and sleep for longer stretches.

Smooch gently weighted sleep wear is made from lightweight, breathable 100% soft, organic cotton and is ideal for temperatures 69 degrees F - 73 degrees F. We recommend pairing them with lightweight pajamas.

Sleep regressions are a normal part of infant development and there is no way to prevent them completely. However, our gently weighted swaddles and sacks use deep touch stimulation to mimic a warm embrace. This helps calm your baby so they can fall asleep faster and sleep for longer stretches.

Yes! Both our swaddles and sleep sacks have a reversible neckline that accommodates back, side and tummy sleepers. Our weighted sleepwear is just as effective for tummy and side sleepers as it is for back sleepers. Place the swaddle or sleep sack on your baby with the zipper on their back instead of on their chest. This way, your baby will still benefit from the gentle weight on top of them while they sleep tight.

No. For safety reasons, we do not recommend sizing up.

Our built-in swaddle wing is designed to be used three different ways depending on your baby's comfort level and preference.

Both arms in: Place baby on top of the swaddle's inner band with the inner band completely open. Position one side below baby's shoulders with their arms at their sides. Wrap one side of the band across the baby's chest and secure it to the other side using the velcro.

One arm in: Position the swaddle below the baby's shoulders. Wrap one side of the swaddle's inner band across baby's chest, over one arm, and secure using the velcro. Leave the other arm out.

Both arms out: Wrap the inner swaddle band around the baby's chest. Leave both arms out.

Discontinue swaddling when your baby begins rolling independently.

So much yes! Use Smooch gently weighted sleep wear in conjunction with most common sleep training methods. Integrating your Smooch gently weighted sack or swaddle into your sleep training routine can help calm and relax your baby during nap time and bedtime.

While there is no way to prevent the startle or (moro reflex), the gentle weight of our swaddle, combined with the swaddle inner band, may help babies experiencing the startle reflex feel a sense of relaxation and security.

Yes! Please email us at: support@smoochbabies.com for helpful sleep advice and tips to help you and your baby get the most benefits possible from our gently weighted sleepwear.

Gently Weighted sleepwear Product Details

The inner beads are 100% non-toxic, poly beads.

TOG means “thermal overall grade.” The TOG rating determines the fabric weight and heaviness. The higher the TOG rating, the heavier and warmer the product. Smooch Sleep Sacks and Swaddles have a 1.0 TOG rating, which makes them perfect for year-round use. 69-73°F.

smooch gently weighted sleepwear care instructions

Cotton: Wash before use, machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low or hang to dry. You may iron low if needed. Please do not bleach.

Warming Lactation Massager

The Smooch Lactation massager is designed to help increase your milk flow and letdown while pumping or nursing. The benefits include relief from discomfort due to clogged ducts, mastitis, engorgement and increased milk output.

Results may vary as each person is unique.

To turn on, press and hold the circle button in the center of the massager for 3 seconds. Make sure to remove the charging cable before turning it on because the device will not turn on while it is plugged in. 

It takes approximately a half hour to fully charge from empty. You will notice the circle button LED ring pulsating. When fully charged the LED ring will stay a solid color. You can expect the massager to last for 1 hour if used continuously. Charging duration depends on the setting you use.

To best relieve clogged ducts, use our adjustable heat and vibration settings to therapeutically warm breast tissue for approximately 5 minutes. This will help soften sore breast tissue and allowing the milk to flow better. 

If you feel very engorged or you have a stubborn clog, you can use the wide bottom side of the massager to help soften the area so milk can flow better. Set the vibration mode to the setting that works best for you and gently press the wide side of the massager onto the breast. Move the breast massager massager from the hard or tender area towards the nipple.

Using the narrow tip, press into the hardened tender area of the breast, moving towards the nipple. It may feel very tender, so only apply as much pressure as feels comfortable for you. You may also use the bottom and side edges on your breast.

In order to prevent and relieve clogged ducts, it is key to empty the breast often. Since your baby will feed more vigorously in the beginning on the feed, breastfeed on the affected breast first. If the clog was not released during the feed, Pump the affected breast until you feel the breast tissue soften and the milk release. Use the massager while nursing or pumping to help express milk.

Next apply a cold compress for approximately 10 minutes onto the breast. This will help reduce inflammation and relieve any discomfort or pain. 

Please repeat this process every 2-3 hours until the clogged duct is fully resolved and do not forget to rest in between. The more rested your body is, the easier it is for your body to heal.

For most moms, milk is created based on supply and demand. If your baby is in need of more milk, your body will produce more milk accordingly. The Smooch Lactation Massager helps the breast to empty more effectively, which tricks your body into thinking your baby needs more milk, thus producing more.

We are here to help! Please email us at support@smoochbabies.com so we can help troubleshoot, identify the problem and help with a solution. If the device is broken or defective, we will send you a replacement asap.

SoothiPop Pacifier Shaped teethers

Strategically placed textured surfaces and nubs gently massage sore gums during use. For added cooling relief, place the SoothiPop teether into the freezer ten minutes before use.

The pacifier shape and size make it easy for babies to hold and chew. Each surface is soft, flexible and textured for babies to chew on, which helps to soothe their teething pain.

Yes. the SoothiPop may be used with or without a pacifier clip. Attach the SoothiPop teething pacifier to any pacifier clip. Smooch offers a variety of functional, safe and beautiful pacifier clips to choose from to keep the SoothiPop within reach.

Clean the SoothiPop with warm water and mild soap between every use. Sterilize the SoothiPop in a pot of boiling water before the first use and as needed.

Yes, silicone is safe for babies to chew on as it is a non-toxic material that is often used in baby products.

The SoothiPop was designed for teething babies 3 months +.

Yes, the SoothiPop teething pacifier may be used in conjunction with all common teething remedies.

To ensure that your baby doesn't choke on the SoothiPop teething pacifier, always supervise your baby during use and inspect it regularly for any signs of wear or tear.

Silicone rocking and penguin mitten Teethers

Yes, our Rocking Teethers and Penguin Mitten Teethers are made from non-toxic, medical grade silicone. Silicone is safe, durable, non-toxic, and easy-to-clean. It provides a firm yet soft surface for teething babies to chew on. 

Our teething toys help soothe a teething baby's gums while also promoting the development of their fine motor skills.

Yes, they can both be used in conjunction with all most other common teething remedies.

When your baby starts teething, which is beings around three months old, they can begin using Smooch teething toys. our teething toys can be used throughout the entire teething stage. 

Encourage your baby to use the Smooch Penguin Teething Mitten by showing them how hold the teething toy. Ensure that teething toy is easily accessible during playtime and teething periods.

Clean with warm water and mild soap between every use. Sterilize the teether in a pot of boiling water before the first use and as needed.

Provide adult supervision when your baby is using a Smooch teething toy. Regularly inspect the teether for any signs of wear and tear.

Pacifier clip

A pacifier clip is a small accessory that attaches to a baby's clothing or bib and holds their pacifier, teether or small toy in place, preventing it from falling onto the floor or getting lost.

Using a pacifier clip can help prevent pacifiers from falling on the floor or getting lost, keeping them clean and readily available, while also providing a safe and durable material for a teething baby to chew on.

Because they are awesome! Silicone beads are safe, durable, non-toxic, and easy-to-clean. They provide a firm yet soft surface for teething babies to chew on. 

Yes. Smooch Pacifier Clips go through rigorous safety testing prior to production and meet all US and EU safety standards. Per CPSC guidelines, Smooch pacifier clips measure no longer than 8 inches. Always supervise your baby when they are using a Pacifier Clip.

Yes! Simple attach the Smooch Pacifier Clip to any pacifier with a handle.

Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or wash it in warm soapy water and let it air dry.

Waterproof Bibs

Yes, Smooch Waterproof Baby Bibs are safe for babies to use. They are made from non-toxic, baby safe Polyurethane and are made to last. All Smooch products go through rigorous safety testing before being put into production and meet all CPSC US and EU safety standards. 

The adjustable velcro neck closure is designed to grow with your baby. Smooch Waterproof Baby Bibs are designed for babies and toddlers 6-24 months.

Adjust the velcro neck closure of your Smooch Waterproof Baby Bib to ensure a proper fit for your baby or toddler.

Yes! It is waterproof, durable, easy to clean, and resistant to stains and odors, making it a practical and hygienic solution for messy feeding times. Additionally, it is a non-toxic material that is safe for babies to use.

Smooch policies

We are pleased to offer easy, hassle free returns and exchanges, please read our policies below. All returns and exchanges must be made through our return portal. Returns and exchanges must be made within 30 days of placing your order. All gently weighted sleepwear must be in unused/unwashed condition with original packaging and tags. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs.

All exchanges and site credit selections are complimentary. All Smooch merchandise purchased from other retailers such as Amazon must be returned to the original retailer and is subject to the return policy of that originating retailer.

We are pleased to offer easy, contactless exchanges, please read our policies below. Exchanges must be made within 30 days of placing your order. All exchanges must be made through our return portal.

To be eligible for an exchange, the product must be in new (unworn, unwashed) condition with the original packaging and/or tags attached. 

Customers are responsible for return shipping costs. All exchanges and site credit selections are complimentary.

Smooch products purchased from other retailers must be returned to the original retailer and is subject to the return policy of that originating retailer.

Dreamland Baby guarantees against manufacturer's defects for the first six months. Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse, damages, stains, or discoloration caused by the user.
Please note if your warranty submission is approved, we will provide a replacement in the same size, color, and material as your original purchase. If you feel your product is defective and it was purchased from this website, please email us at support@smoochbabies.com and we will address the issue accordingly.

Only one discount code will be accepted per order.

Use the beechwood clip to attach the Smooch Pacifier Clip to your baby's clothing.