How Does HugMe Weighted Sleepwear work?

Our HugMe sleepwear features gentle, evenly distributed weight that naturally eases stress and enhances relaxation through deep touch stimulation. This helps your little one drift off to sleep faster and enjoy longer periods of rest and relaxation.

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HugMe™ Innovation

Our HugMe™ Innovation features gentle, balanced weight from head to toe and uses Deep Touch Stimulation, to replicate the soothing sensation of a gentle hug.

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a calm and relaxed baby

The gently weighted pressure simulates the feeling of being snuggled and hugged. This sensation helps to reduce stress and increase relaxation to help your baby fall asleep faster and sleep for longer stretches.

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The research on deep touch pressure therapy (DPT)

Current scientific research predominantly targets young children, particularly those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. These studies consistently demonstrate that methods involving Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), such as the use of weighted blankets, have a calming effect on small children. A study conducted on infants with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) further validates these observations, highlighting significant benefits resulting from the use of weighted blankets. In comparison to infants who were not provided with weighted blankets, those in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) showed decreased heart rates and Finnegan scores. A comprehensive safety assessment found no adverse effects of weighted blankets on infants during the study, consistent with prior research. Vital signs of infants were not negatively affected when using weighted blankets, reinforcing the safety and efficacy of weighted blankets for infants affected by NAS.

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great sleep, great price!

Our whole family is so grateful for reclaiming a few hours of sleep for ourselves! Truly life-changing.

- Kari M.

Love it

My baby loves this sleep sack! He is almost 6 months old and this is the first product that helped him sleep for more than three hours per night.

- Cheryl K.

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