What Is Smooch?

We’re home to everything you need to soothe a teething baby. Smooch offers award-winning teething remedies to help babies and parents through the tricky teething stage. 

Nobody knows how to soothe a cranky baby better than mom. Our Founder Lindsay, who is a mother of two youngsters under the age of 3, designs and develops all Smooch products.

Before starting Smooch, she spent 5 years designing and developing children's accessories and toys for clients such as Disney, Universal and Hasbro.

When her eldest began teething, Lindsay used her knowledge of product development, design and bringing her products to market to develop Smooch's collection of irresistibly adorable and effective teething products.

We know that teething is inevitable. Our mission is to help your baby have a little fun in the process. Watch as your baby uses their little fingers and gums to explore our collection of textured, easy-to-use, Medical Grade silicone Teethers. All Smooch teethers come with our signature bump and ridge textures that soothe sore gums. 

At Smooch, we are dedicated to providing fellow parents with safe, non-toxic teething solutions that will fit seamlessly into your home. All Smooch teethers are manufactured in an FDA approved lab and exceed all US safety certifications.